Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ren Faires and BOOK WIN!

Holy smokes, I found a functioning camera!

Why yes, there is wind in my face. Maybe if I scowl hard enough I can be in a music video!

Ah, turning away from the wind! Why hadn't I thought of that sooner?

You DO realize it's freezing out here in these thin-ass pants, right?

Why yes, there IS a bow on my jacket, how kind of you to notice! Time to go inside now, yes?

So today, I went to the Renaissance Festival.

It's out in Hammond, which is a bit more than a hop, skip, and jump from here (but not far enough to not easily drive yourself -- it's just too damned far for a bike). I really wasn't impressed.

First off, why do people dress from the early Medieval period at Renn Faires? I mean, yeah sure, everyone wants to dress up as a wench, or a pirate (you would not believe the amount of pirates at the Renn Faire, or maybe you would..), but seriously? This is supposed to be the Renaissance. I want giant skirts, and corsets that are stiff as concrete walls (and none of this under-bust crap; yeah, sure, underbust corsets are pretty awesome, but it's the Renaissance, damnit), along with those huge itchy collars that look like something exploded from your collar-bones. I want netting made of gold and quilted fabrics of puffy satin and, most of all, I want a court masque!

Did I get these things? Nope. Now, I'm not saying I was dressed up like this, but if you're paid to work at a Renn Faire, you should! I am just a paying customer, after all.

Oh, and today, GUESS WHAT I GOT?!


I finally got it! I found a 40% off coupon for the bookstore, and I totally zoomed over and nabbed this baby! Ohboyohboyohboy! I am so ridiculously excited (as if you couldn't tell by all of the exclamation marks). Quantum physics and feminist theory? Now that's my idea of a good way to spend a cold, November night!


thekolo said...

GNAR I have just left my flesh and blood behind to become a spirit of pure unbridled envy.

I wanna go to a ren fair that doesn't completely suck.

*shakes envy fist*

Shorty said...

I love love love that top! :)