Thursday, November 27, 2008

Suits, rosaries, and decadence!

The show was She Wants Revenge, I believe. I think the song was Pretend the World Has Ended. It was a good show.

So, I found this rather spectacular and awesome link with instructions on making a rosary out of real rose petals. I adore rosaries, despite not being Catholic (what can I say, I've got a thing for icons and iconoclasm). There's something incredibly lush and decadent about rosaries. I'm particularly fond of wearing multiple rosaries on my wrist.

Oh, and prowling around the Craftster forums, I found this beautiful, beautiful piece of work by alli.illektro that I fully intend on reproducing. It's very Velvet Goldmine meets Marie Antoinette.

I think I'll hang watch pieces from mine instead of shiny rhinestone chandelier type pieces. And use brass and copper wire instead of gold. Because god damnit, I'm still waiting for steam-powered spaceships.

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