Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dish lust, and other tales.

What do you do when it's just about to start raining?

Be very glad you decided to wear tights, that's what!

And, the darling photographer's favorite shot:

I realized yesterday, while getting dressed, that I'd never, ever, ever worn that skirt. Had it for over five months. I love the pattern, like putting Houndstooth through a Xerox machine. Oh, I know why I hadn't worn it. Because this is fucking New Orleans, and the last thing in the universe I want to wear in the summer is tights. And, as you can see, that skirt is impossible without tights (one of the unfortunate side-effects of being 6'2" -- hemlines will often dangerously approach harlot).

Now, I will wear a full three-piece suit in the summer, no problem (yes, I know I'm insane). I even wear vinyl, if the need is dire (drag, for instance). But thick tights are a 100% autumn and winter thing for me.

Yesterday was a fun-filled day of spice browsing, electronics store prowling, trinket browsing, and cooking. I drooled muchly over the dishes at World Market (brass plated engraved cocktail shaker? why, of course I need one. Or five.), wine, and other assorted kitchen gear (why, yes, I DO need that huge clay brick to put in my oven. yes, I absolutely require all of those cute little serving bowls and square shaped plates and fancy chopsticks and gorgeous martini glasses. Why hadn't I realized this before?).

I have an insatiable love for kichenware. I do, I admit it. I adore plates and bowls in different colors and sizes, little appliances like zesters and presses, and those neat tea-glasses that contain a central glass strainer peice and are quite stylish in their transparent minimalism.

Do I actually own any real kitchenware? Nope. I realize that, for the most part, I don't actually need any of this stuff. Some of it would be nice (fuck zesting a fucking lemon by hand), but unnecessary.

Okay, to fashion: World Market was a serious disappointment in the way of any kind of jewelry. I've never been much of a jewelry wearer, but I'm trying to learn the ancient art of accessorizing (beyond the extravagant eye makeup and opera gloves I wear more often than I probably should). I don't think it's working for me. I don't know if the polished look is ever going to be my gig.

Oh, and since every single place I go, everyone is already playing Christmas music...


Gareth is my hero. Gareth, please design all of Aleks's costumes. Pretty please?

Alien meets android meets androgyny, what's not to love?


Anonymous said...

Such a great look! I love your skirt - it's awesome.

Shorty said...

I love the skirt too. You have awesome fashion sense and inspire me....

"I have an insatiable love for kichenware. "

Ditto. I love kitchen stores. I can BUY out the kitchen stores. But then. Where would i put it all??

sasha said...

Aww, thanks both of you! :) I'm not sure what I'd do without thrift stores, probably be naked!

And maybe they'll let us camp out at the kitchen stores if we ask really, really nicely. :)