Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bookstore glee!

So, today I'm not feeling so hot. My body is currently in "attack womb" phase. My comrade had a lovely suggestion for the attack womb blues:

The bookstore!

Now, I can't just roll off to the bookstore in my bedclothes (which were, I admit, an oversized button-down shirt and under-roos). Here's what I did to become semi-presentable:

And THIS is what I have to say to really inconvenient sun + Sasha geometry!

I really, really love that jacket. Photos don't do it justice. Here's a close-up of the spectacular pattern:

Isn't it fabulous? The shirt underneath it has little graphics of cassette tapes, which I also find glorious. Fuck your iPod, long live mixtapes!

So, on to the bookstore. I spent an inordinate amount of time in the Philosophy section (which just got two new Deleuze books in stock that I oh-so-desperately want!), wandered through the Lit section (way too much stuff to even list), and hunkered down in the Women's Studies section (I am very proud of them, they took the Lesbian fiction out of the Women's Studies section, and gave it its very OWN section! Yay! Maybe they heard me ranting about how stupid it was to keep the Lesbian erotica in the Women's Studies section, while the non-Lesbian erotica was in the "anthology" section. I mean, really, stereotype much?)

But the real gem of the bookstore experience today?

The science section, of course.

Look what I found!

It was in the Physics section (yes, an entire section devoted JUST to Physics! Oh, how my heart leaps!). It's an interdisciplinary book on Quantum Physics and Feminist Theory! How much more awesome could you possibly jam into a book?! It also received a raving review from Donna Haraway, the glorious and infamous mother of the Cyborg Manifesto, which just makes me want to explode with academic glee. Oh, how my brain and loins burn with such lusty desire to read this book right now.

Unfortunately, it's 30 bucks, and I am flat broke. I am, however, going to order it very, very soon.


Shorty said...

OMG what a great find!!

The Seeker said...

Oh yes, that jacket is really pretty. Very nice.

And that book seems amazing!!!

Take care, all the best


Merily said...

I love the pattern of this blazer.